Tomy Nella, EA



Phone: (847) 486-4112
Fax: (847) 724-3247

With a Masters Degree in Accounting and Enrolled to practice before the IRS, Tomy has become one of the leading Tax Accountants in the state of Illinois. Tomy has been in Tax consulting for over 25years. Excellent service records and broad, in-depth knowledge of taxation, makes him the highly reputable and dependable tax accountant. He started his career with H&R Block in 1990 as a Tax practitioner. Tomy then worked for 15 years with Illinois Student Assistance Commission (Illinois State Agency that administers Scholarships and Grants and guarantees student loans for College students) in several positions including Comptroller for 7 years. He managed more than 150 employees and provided advice to students regarding financial aid.

Tomy specializes in Individual, Corporate, Partnership, and Estate tax preparation as well as Tax Planning. He also provides bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services including, but not limited to, Sales taxes, Payroll processing, Quarterly taxes, business like Retail, Medical, and Professional organizations.